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Often, we are encouraged to reach for medication as a first choice for unwanted symptoms and conditions.

What if you had another first choice?

A non-invasive, drug-free method, free of unwanted side effects, that’s just as effective as medication, and in some cases, even better.

You do. And it’s all about your brain waves.

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Every patient starts with a comprehensive brain map to determine whether Asheville Brain Training can help. Dr. Yonce will personally go over your results and make sure you understand exactly what to expect. Find out if you or your child could benefit by calling 828-375-0002.

  • review rating 5  I played football for two years. I started having problems with focus and attention. My grades starting dropping, so my mom took me to Asheville Brain Training for a brain map. After seeing my brain map, Dr Yonce asked if I had ever rec'd a concussion. I told him that I had never been told that I had a concussion, but I had multiple hits to the head while playing football. Neurofeedback helped me overcome my issues with focus and attention. My grades improved and school became easy.

    thumb JJ Calloway
  • review rating 5  Jojo's passion and dedication for healing along with his wealth of knowledge makes Asheville Brain Training your first best choice for supporting your healing process and that of those you dearly love. After my divorce and years of emergency room work, my nervous system was shot. Biofeedback provided me a safe, effective and drug free method to calm my brain. After only 6-sessions, my anxiety diminished and I was able to relax, sleep better and let things that typically would upset me just roll off my back. If you or your children are looking for more ease and serenity in your life, give this a try.

    thumb Phoenix Bartalos
  • review rating 5  Dr Jojo Yonce has provided me with quality health guidance for 19 years. His assistance helped me to enhance my overall well being -- and make important & valuable refinements in my health care ++.

    thumb F. X. Frank
  • review rating 5  I couldn’t be more pleased with the services that I received from Asheville brain training with Dr. JoJo. My son has ADHD and ODD and extreme anxiety. I was at my complete wits end whenever I found Asheville brain training. A 30 minute ride in the car with my son was almost unbearable. After trying medications for years and not seeing any real results. I turn to Dr. JoJo. After six months I can drive in the car with my son on long-distance trips and not have a complete meltdown. He can sit in class and concentrate far better than he ever could on medication. I’m happy I feel like I finally got my child back. I personally got the zyto scan done while I was there and found out I was deficient in several vitamins. I highly recommend this place.

    thumb Amanda Nadeau
  • review rating 5  My husband has struggled for years with the inability to stay focused and on task, which has created many challenges during his life. The difference he has experienced since receiving Brain Core Therapy have been remarkable. He feels more confident in his ability to complete every day tasks and interactions. His focus has improved tremendously and I am so happy to hear him say that it is like "a light turned on" inside of him. Thank you to everyone at Asheville Brain Training for helping my husband to be the best version of himself!

    thumb Michelle Markovic