About Sensorium Neuro Wellness

Dr. JoJo Yonce created Sensorium Neuro Wellness to help individuals find their way back into a vibrant life. We offer a wide array of therapies and protocols that allow us to customize programs according to each individual’s needs. It’s an honor to be of service–an honor to watch parents and children thrive. Keep reading to learn more about brain training using technologies like qEEG, AVE light therapy, Interactive Metronome and more.

We work in concert with the body's innate ability to heal and be well

We help the body (or in this case, the brain) do what it’s already programmed to do, but better. Nothing is ever put into the body at any time – no electricity, no shocks, no subliminal messages.

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Healing is Possible

Yes, it is possible to restore health, because the key to healing already resides within your brain--your brainwaves, to be exact. All you need is a little help exercising the right parts of the brain. And once your clever brain has recalibrated itself, your world will look very bright because a balanced brain is everything.

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Individualized Plan of Care

At Sensorium Neuro Wellness, we do things differently than other offices, even other neurofeedback offices. This difference shows in the manner in which protocols are hand-selected and integrated with in-depth analysis. And then there is the crucial delivery component: who delivers your therapy. Research reveals the “who” really matters. In this arena, one of our secrets to success is the all-in dedication of Dr. Yonce and our professional and compassionate staff. We live by the highest standards of attention to detail, care for each individual, and absolute honesty. We consider it a rare opportunity and responsibility to deliver neuro training services that lead to successful outcomes and allow people to thrive. We take this charge seriously. And on the rare occasion when we don’t think we can help someone, we suggest other options.

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Creating Lasting Results

The brain has the extraordinary ability to create new pathways and connections that remain and continue to grow after the brain exercise program and recalibration is complete. The technical term is "neuroplasticity."

Due to the comprehensive neuro assessments we perform, we are able to help the brain function better in the exact ways our highly specific testing shows is possible. Creating lasting results is always part of our care plan.

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Summary of What to Expect

When you call Sensorium Neuro Wellness, you will speak with a knowledgeable and friendly team member who will answer any questions that you may have and, if you like, schedule a consultation with Dr. Yonce at no charge. During this 20-minute consultation, you and Dr. Yonce will decide whether our therapies make sense for you. If they do, we’ll schedule a qEEG brain map so Dr. Yonce can gather information about your brain function. The brain map records 760 points of information from 19 points on your unique brain.

The next appointment is very exciting. It's when you and Dr. Yonce review your brain map results--the moment you can see how your brain is functioning, how it might be able to work better, and what these changes would mean to your life. Dr. Yonce will also share which neuro-therapies can help you, how long it will take and how much it will cost. After this visit you will understand the details of your customized neuro therapy program, designed to move you into your best life—the very best version of yourself.

How It Works

Step 1

Get a Brain Map  –  Our in-office 19 channel qEEG will measure 760 points of information about your unique brain function.

Step 2

Report  –  Dr. Yonce will show you how your brain could function better, based on the brain map findings, and how the results correlate with any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Step 3

Brain Training Neuro program  –  If Dr. Yonce believes that any of the therapies would be helpful after the initial testing, he will go over these individualized recommendations and explain the Custom Care Plan at the Report of Findings visit.

Step 4

Live Your Best Life  –  A balanced brain changes everything. Now that your brain is more regulated, every aspect of your life has the potential to benefit, because the organ that integrates everything about your life, your brain, is functioning better.

About Dr. JoJo Yonce

Boston University with a doctorate of Internal Medicine

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Specific Targeted Testing

Specific neurologic testing and assessments help us pinpoint specific imbalances and dysregulations in the system that controls and coordinates everything--the brain and the central nervous system. These assessments give us the information we need to get you back on track to living the rich and vibrant life you or your child deserve.

This type of approach is not commonplace, which is likely the reason you may have struggled to find a solution. But when you partner with our team, your highly personalized plan is based on precise assessments that target the exact ways in which the brain and central nervous system can work together better.

Dr. JoJo Yonce graduated from Boston University with a doctorate of Internal Medicine. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Wheaton College, receiving a B.S in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. During school, she studied advanced training in internal stomach medicine. She attended rotations at Boston Medical Center, the Roxbury Health Clinic, and primary care rotations through the Massachusetts Center for Natural Health. She gained further inspiration when she volunteered with Doctors Without Borders, an NGO that brings free nutritional healthcare to under-served communities in South Africa. She is honored to be joined by such an exciting and illustrious team as the one she has recruited during the founding of Sensorium Neuro Wellness.

“Biofeedback at the Sensorium Neuro Wellness Changed My Life.”

Biofeedback at the Asheville brain training center changed my life. I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, PTSD & depression, and after only 15 out of the 30 sessions, my mental wellness has done a 180. Not only does biofeedback work, at the Asheville brain training center you’re not going to find more qualified or nicer people to be around, people. I feel very fortunate to have this in my backyard and now everyone else in my family is wanting to sign up as well. My life can now finally get started & I owe that all to the help I received from Dr.Yonce, his employees & biofeedback. Thank you!!
Dreama R.

“I Can’t Begin to Express How Positively Brain Training has Impacted Our Lives.”

My son was struggling with behavior issues due to ADHD and Asperger’s. A therapist suggested Dr. Yonce and Sensorium Neuro Wellness. My son’s sessions were easy and enjoyable for him. I can’t begin to express how positively Brain Training has impacted our lives. My husband and I as well as my son’s teachers noticed positive changes in his behavior and we are very grateful. I would HIGHLY recommend Sensorium Neuro Wellness. All the staff are very helpful, courteous, and truly wonderful. They genuinely care and want your child (or you) to feel better. It’s amazing! Huge thank you from our family to the staff of Sensorium Neuro Wellness.
Cory W.

“Asheville Braining Training Put the Life and Light Back in His Eyes.”

So thankful for Dr. Yonce and his team for helping our son who was suffering from post concussion syndrome. The neurofeedback treatments did wonders for him; they got rid of the brain fog, returned to him the ability to concentrate and think again, and put the life and light back in his eyes. Thank you so much Sensorium Neuro Wellness!!
Anthony G.

Take The First Step On Your

Journey With Us

Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision to become a client. Our client coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if Sensorium Neuro Wellness is right for you.

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