Dementia / Alzheimer's

Sensorium Neuro Wellness is very excited to now offer a new technology which uses photobiomodulation (PBM) to certain areas of the brain that has been shown in studies to reduce the symptoms associated with dementia. A recent clinical study entitled “Significant Improvement in Cognition in Mild to Moderately Severe Dementia Cases Treated with Transcranial Plus Intranasal Photobiomodulation” showed that “increased function, better sleep, fewer angry outbursts, less anxiety, and less wandering were reported post-photobiomodulation…(and) there were no negative side effects.”

The Vielight Neuro is a next generation brain photobiomodulation device. Watch this video to learn how photobiomodulation is being used to help people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s and Cognitive Decline, including Mild Cognitive Impairment.

You will find more information in the comprehensive interview with Lew Lim, the founder of Vielight, and Dr. Mercola regarding the effects of brain photobiomodulation on EEG from an alternative medicine perspective:

At the cellular level, visible red and near infrared light energy stimulates cells to generate more energy and undergo self-repair. Each cell has mitochondria, which perform the function of producing cellular energy called “ATP”. This production process involves the respiratory chain. A mitochondrial enzyme called cytochrome oxidase c then accepts photonic energy when functioning below par. Click here for more information.

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