Consulting for Practitioners

Are you a Neurofeedback Practitioner looking to Fast Track your ability to deliver excellent Neurofeedback care to your clients…

Consulting for Practitioners

 Are you a Neurofeedback Practitioner looking to Fast Track

your ability to deliver excellent Neurofeedback care to your clients…



Dr. Yonce is now offering Consulting for other practitioners who would like to increase their ability to deliver excellent neurofeedback care.

He is board certified in neurofeedback through BCIA, and he is a certified mentor for the BCIA board certification process to help other practitioners to become board certified. 

Dr. Yonce has 4 offices (between Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC), partners with several other clinics in overseeing neurofeedback case management, and oversees the operation of 12 clinical EEG units – as well as 8 home training units.

In-Office Training

Dr. Yonce can come to your office for in-office training.

Phone/Zoom Consultations

Dr. Yonce provides consultations over phone and Zoom.

Mentoring for BCIA certification

We can help you get the mentoring hours that you will need.

In Office Training

After a conversation and exploration, together we can create an individualized training plan that best suits your needs. This individualized approach will allow us to help suggest a plan to help you uplevel your skills and your practice, and take the quickest path from where you are to where you want to be!  We have found that 2-3 days are usually a good option, with most offices falling into the 2 day training option. 

Below are 16 modules that you will be able to consider and will help us develop an individualized training program that supports your desires and needs.

Hourly Phone/Zoom Consultations

Dr. Yonce can also work with you on an hourly basis via phone/Zoom calls.

As with the in-office trainings, we will explore what your needs are and create a specific plan on how we can best support you.

Mentoring for BCIA certification

If you are interested in becoming BCIA certified then we can help you get the mentoring hours that you will need.

Along with being a certified mentor for the BCIA, Dr. Yonce is a mentor for New Mind Technologies and Dr. Richard Soutar.

Learn more about becoming BCIA certified.


Below are some of the topics and modules that could be covered either during an in-office training program or taken as topics for phone/zoom consulting topics.

1. Front office

  • How to talk to people about Neurofeedback (for all team members)
  • Training your staff.  What they should and should not say.
  • Paperwork for best session/office flow
  • Taking advantage of all New Mind (or other) systems and tracking tools.
  • Initial Consultations with Doctor/Therapist (in person, phone, zoom)
  • Appropriate Intake and evaluation – only accepting clients that are a good match for how you choose to practice

 2. Equipment

  •  Setting up and running equipment
  • Navigating Neurofeedback Software (new mind, braincore or clear mind)
  • Troubleshooting tips

 3. Basic Neurofeedback Training (hands on)

  • How to find the clinically relevant training points (10-20 sites), and tips I have learned.
  • Prepping for a neurofeedback session and cleaning up.
  • Communication before, during and after the session
  • Office setup, units, chairs, rooms, etc

4. qEEG mapping

  • How to do maps (12 or 19 point systems)
  • Tips and tricks for children
  • Working with special client situations
  • Artifacting

 5. Reading maps (Basic)

  • Interpretation
  • Protocol selection

6. Reading maps (Advanced)

  • Advanced interpretations
  • Common medication effects on brain wave patterns
  • Tracking progress with brain map comparisons.

7. Report of Findings (ROF)

  • How to share qEEG results with patients
  • Interfacing with their other providers where appropriate
  • Presenting your recommendations and your fees
  • Sharing appropriate research and articles

8. Clinical Care

  • Tracking progress… Tracking objective, subjective and performance-based progress.
  • Office flow
  • Setting expectations, agreeing on what is a “success”

9. Phase 2 of care, beyond neuroplasticity

  • After initial 30 sessions
  • Peak performance
  • Brain Brightening
  • Neuromeditation options
  • Deep States training

10. FAQ

  • Most commonly encountered questions (initially, during and after care)

11. Preludes, adjuncts

  • AVE systems
  • Photic stimulation before or during neurofeedback
  • Vielight, and other red and infrared devices
  • HRV Biofeedback (Heartmath, IOM2 from Unyte)
  • Safe and Sound Protocol (Vagus Nerves, Polyvagal Theory- Dr. Porges)
  • Berard Auditory Integration Training

12. Insurance vs Fee for Service and other Models

  • Insurance, superbills, codes, and fee for service model all explored where appropriate depending on practitioner licensure

13. Multiple units and multiple offices

  • Exploration around adding additional NFB units as well as the idea of multiple or satellite offices
  • Scheduling Clients, cluster booking
  • Staffing considerations, when to add another employee
  • How to ensure progress and excellent sessions for clients (case oversight)

14. Marketing considerations

  • In office ideas and community outreach
  • Different forms of traditional advertising (including print, seo, radio, google, facebook, lunches, talks, website etc)
  • Getting professional referrals, building client referrals

 15. Special office precautions/procedures for During (and After) Covid 19

  • Sprays, UV light and Ozone for equipment, temperature device, office flow/changes for real safety as well as for reassurance and client relief

16. Implementing and offering New Mind Home Training

  • Setup, tracking, prequalifying, fee structure options
  • Training without a map
Click to see potential in office training programs
Several examples of different clinics/practitioners, and how we might structure the training modules for their individual needs

    1. Office #1, basic training, this might be for somebody who has never done neurofeedback and was not able to have initial in person training, but can now have training brought into their office in this way. (or for training new staff.)


      2-day training program:
      Day 1: Module 1, 2, 3, 4
      Day 2: Module 5, 6, 7, 8


    3. Office #2, this might be for an office that has been doing neurofeedback for a few years and is wanting to take it to a new level and maybe add multiple units or even multiple clinic locations, or to work on up-leveling the results they’re getting.


      2-day training program:
      Day 1: Module 5, 6, 7, 9
      Day 2: Module 11, 13, 14, 16


    5. Office #3, it could be constructed to train multiple people (for example if they have a new neurofeedback technician) as well as upping a provider’s game in case management or community outreach/giving educational talks in office or in the community.)


      3-day training program:
      Day 1: Module 1, 2, 3 to a new employee, module 16 with the Dr.
      Day 2: Module 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 with Dr. Only
      Day 3: Module 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 for whole office

Where appropriate, all practitioners should watch all applicable New Mind or Braincore training videos (or whatever training videos your system offers) before the in-office training, so we can expand on that knowledge in person


30 minute intro call to see if we are a good fit. No Charge.

The in-office training programs:

3,300-3,900 for the 1st day in your office (9-11 hours per day). (Price range depends on how far your office is from North Carolina)

2,700 for each additional day of in-office training.

I will cover all travel, hotels, etc.

Consultations charged at 240 per hour. Billed by the minute.

Packages of 10 hours can be purchased at a 10% discount (which could apply to the BCIA technician board certification component.)

Packages of 25 hours can also be purchased at a 10% discount (which could apply to the BCIA practitioner board certification component.)

If you think that you may want to become board certified in the future, it’s best to let us know and we will let the BCIA office know so our time together can potentially count towards those requirements. We cannot retroactively count any hours previous to when your name is put in their system by us, or another certified bcia mentor. (There is no charge or downside to putting your name on their list if you think you may want to pursue that in the future.)

Calls will be scheduled in 30 or 60 minute increments via Calendly and will be billed at only the actual amount of minutes we spend together. To minimize those minutes we can agree on a way for you to deliver information and questions to us so that it can be briefly reviewed before our call and we can make the best use of our time together.

All unused, prepaid fees are refundable (for any reason, if either of us decides it’s no longer a good fit.)

From Dr. Yonce

The training modules above are tailored to New Mind’s software and systems, but could be modified to fit other practitioner’s systems, especially BrainCore or Clear Mind practitioners, as their software and protocols are essentially derived from New Mind’s software and protocols. While I am familiar with other forms of software and systems such as Brainmaster, Bioexplorer, etc – all of my units in all offices are New Mind at this point, so any other software bugs or trouble should be addressed with the software manufacturer. 

I would welcome a conversation with you to explore how I might be able to help you shave several years off of your natural learning curve in a few hours or days of specific, focused training.

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