The Melillo Method

Dr. Yonce is in the process of becoming certified in The Melillo Method. This work is all about enhancing the functional connectivity of the brain, and allowing the brain and nervous system to revisit any ways in which the bottom- up development of the nervous system may not have been fully and appropriately developed and integrated.

Dr. Yonce is actively working with clinics, boarding schools and academies in Western NC and the Greenville, SC area to identify Childhood Neurodevelopmental Challenges. Specifically, he is identifying when and how children, adolescents and even adults currently have “Retained Primitive Reflexes,” that should have been fully integrated by 12-18 months of age – reflexes that are still present and affecting the nervous system’s ability to function at full capacity.

There are many correlations for the presence of these reflexes, including ADHD, tics, learning difficulties, developmental delays, emotional regulation challenges, anxiety (and many others), and we are seeing huge improvements once the appropriate therapies and strategies are employed to help that individual’s nervous system up-level its function in the ways that are possible once these Retained Primitive Reflexes, Postural Reflexes and Cerebellar Muscular Tone Limitations and Vestibular Imbalances are discovered and corrected. 

Dr. Robert Melillo is the founder of the Brain Balance centers around the world, and Dr. Yonce is learning his  strategies and methods directly from Dr. Melillo.

The Melillo Method can be accessed in one of our centers or in your own home.

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