The VieLight is a next-generation photobiomodulation (PBM) device.

It uses a certain frequency of light (810 nm) which is pulsed at a frequency of 40 Hz (Gamma Wave Frequency). This technology is shown to help with memory and cognition by helping the mitochondria in the brain cells to function better in the 5 most connection rich areas of the brain.

Transcranial PBM, targeting delivery of light energy to the brain, is associated with increased cerebral blood flow, oxygen availability and consumption, adenoside triphophosphate (ATP) production, and improved mitochondrial activity.

The brain cells contain more mitochondria than most other cells, and by utilizing the science of PBM to energize the mitochondria, studies have shown a reduction in symptoms associated with dementia.

We are finding results for memory loss, brain fog, and concussions as well.

The VieLight can be a stand alone service or used in conjunction with Neurofeedback. Dr. Yonce often utilizes this technology as a prelude to the neurofeedback sessions.

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