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“Teen son is more relaxed”

Dr. Jojo knows his stuff! He can zero in on what’s needed for you or your child and help to improve memory, anxiety, depression, traumatic brain injuries, ADHD and more. Thank you for helping my patients and my family. You are truly appreciated!! www.crystalignchiropractic.com/

— Anya Harris

“A fantastic experience…”

Neurofeedback works.

We brought our son to Dr. Yonce thinking he was developing ADD. His initial brain mapping showed he did not have ADD, but had received a concussion while playing football. JJ started Neurofeedback and in about 10 sessions, he made a huge jump. He became quick-witted, focused, and his grades improved. One evening on the way home from an event, he started asking about the theory of relativity. My husband asked him where he had heard about it. He said, “nowhere, I was just wondering”. At his second brain map, there were no signs of a concussion. JJ kept improving in his school work. He even made a perfect score on a science exam after missing almost two weeks of class due to illness. His teacher sent a note home saying she would not be sending any makeup work since he made 100 on the test. Neurofeedback works!

— Lisa Calloway

“Noticed grades coming up…”

Highly recommend.

I went to JoJo because others had raved about his work. I wanted a boost in memory and focus and I got it! It took a minute for me to understand how this treatment works, but then it really makes sense once you begin the process. I highly recommend, and JoJo makes the experience very comfortable!

— Gino Tucillo

“Astounded by the progress…”

Our 6 year old was not learning like other kids in school. We saw Dr JoJo at Sensorium Neuro Wellness for a brain scan and learned there were frontal lobe issues related to inflammation and were given an individualized neurofeedback plan. The twice weekly sessions have made a huge impact! His writing improved, number and letter recognition improved, he learned faster and retained longer. His drawings now look like what he intends to draw. He is so thankful his brain is working much better thanks to these fun and pain free treatments. We are astounded by the progress and highly recommend Sensorium Neuro Wellness!

— Trish Hickling Beckman

“Saw a significant change…”

Dr. JoJo is a caring and compassionate professional. He is committed to integrity with his clients and works for their best interests. Highly recommend. www.jamesccolvin.com/

— James Colvin

“He’s the real himself now.”

We are so fortunate to have found Sensorium Neuro Wellness.

I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Yonce and staff. Sensorium Neuro Wellness has helped my daughter turn things around in school and socially. She is able to maintain her focus longer, able to maintain friendships, and is doing better in school. I appreciate the feedback I get in the beginning and end of the training as well as their concern for how she is doing overall. We are so fortunate to have found Sensorium Neuro Wellness.

— Gails Osborne

“Thankful to JoJo and his staff for helping my son.”

Thankful to JoJo and his staff for the work they did with my son. My son went from having MANY difficult days in school because of his lack of attention, to now being a role model in his class. Highly recommend them and the science behind it! https://www.eleeos.com

— Tom Gadsden

“My anxiety diminished.”

Jojo’s passion and dedication for healing along with his wealth of knowledge makes Sensorium Neuro Wellness your first best choice for supporting your healing process and that of those you dearly love. After my divorce and years of emergency room work, my nervous system was shot. Biofeedback provided me a safe, effective and drug free method to calm my brain. After only 6-sessions, my anxiety diminished and I was able to relax, sleep better and let things that typically would upset me just roll off my back. If you or your children are looking for more ease and serenity in your life, give this a try. — Blossom & Be Wellness Retreat

— Phoenix Bartalos

“Sensorium Neuro Wellness saved me.”

Sensorium Neuro Wellness saved me! I had trouble focusing and staying on task. I’m easily distracted and thanks to the work of Dr. Yonce I am able to pay attention longer and address the work at hand. I feel more confident in my work and I am getting off earlier every day. Thanks Sensorium Neuro Wellness for giving me a brain boost! Greg Mayer – One Click Fix

— Greg Mayer

“Helped with my insomnia.”

I went to Sensorium Neuro Wellness for insomnia – I had slept through the night only 2 times in 7 years. Within my first TWO WEEKS of brain training, I had slept through the night twice. I was ecstatic. I continued, and my sleep got so much better. Now it is extremely rare for me to wake unless it’s to use the bathroom – and I can fall right back asleep. I have also noticed what it’s done for my concentration and general emotional well-being – which was fine when I started. (But now it’s even better!)

I have recommended Dr. JoJo and Sensorium Neuro Wellness to many of my patients, and all have had great results and glowing reviews. JoJo is a gem of a human, as is everyone who works there. http://acupuncture-in-asheville.com/

— Liz Roseman

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