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Which Supplements Are Right For You?

How do we know what supplements to take? Ideally we get most of our nutrition from the foods that we eat, by eating lots of veggies and foods that actually existed 1,000 years ago. However, beyond eating real food, how do we know what supplements might be good for us? Do we pay attention to the latest trend? The research? Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Glucosamine, Huperzine, Fish Oil, Turmeric? There are hundreds of awesome herbs and supplements available, but which one or two are the top ones for you, right now? Ideally they should help your body reach a new level of health so that you can get back to getting most of your nutrition from food, real food.

Our main focus at Sensorium Neuro Wellness is helping people’s brains heal and function better utilizing neurofeedback and other cutting edge therapies. It’s important for us to zero in precisely on which 1 or 2 supplements a person needs to heal and function as best they can, so that we get the best results possible in the limited time that we have with a client. This is why we added the “Zyto Balance” scanning equipment to our office.

In scanning over 50 people in the first 2 months of having this technology available, the results have been amazing. People are able to put aside the guesswork and mental gyrations associated with trying to pick the right supplement combinations. Even if you are picking from the best lines in the world (Standard Process, Mediherb, Thorne, Numedica, Apex Energetics, Biotics Research, Gaia Herbs, and others) you still need some way to determine the absolute best ones for you, unless you want to take an unwieldy amount of pills and capsules every day. When I was practicing chiropractic and doing muscle testing and doing electrodermal screening with a Biomeridian device I would literally have people bring in their clothes baskets full of supplements to have me help them decide which ones they should take, or which ones would be best for them. After doing this for years I was able to see, over and over, what the best supplement lines were, and which ones, time after time, were the most balancing for people.

The supplement line I have picked to couple with the Zyto Balance scanner is the Biotics Research line of products, and during the Zyto Scan all 280 of their supplement combinations are scanned into your hand, and your nervous system is measured to see which 1 or 2 are the ones that would really benefit you as an individual. I view the taking of supplements as a temporary thing, to help your system get back on track, and get you back as quickly as possible to getting most of your ongoing nutrition from your (organic) food.

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